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Suitcase VinGarde Valise 8 btl - Silver

Suitcase VinGarde Valise 8 btl - Silver

Well dudes, we travel a lot… and we always bring breakable shit (a.k.a. bottles of wine and whatever else we can find) along with us. There’s a lot of companies making wine luggage, but we haven’t lost a single bottle using these.

With removable inserts, they’re super versatile and work just as well for glassware, magnums, and especially our tall, big shouldered Signature wines.

Be a good smuggler…
If you live happen to live in one of the barbarian states that still tries to prevent direct-to-consumer wine shipments; no problem. You can check this in at any airport, as tax-paid personal property, and get 12 of your favorite bottles home, no questions asked.

Technical Specs from the Company:

  1. Asymmetrical Hinomoto wheels make it easy to handle
  2. TSA compliant lock is flush mounted and integrated into the suitcase for added safety.
  3. 10-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
  4. 100% proprietary compound material shell with closed-cell foam with removable inserts.
  5. Flexible design features patented removable inserts designed to make packing easy.
    Foam inserts hold a combination of 750ml bottles of almost any shape.
    Removable inserts make it so you can pack clothes (or whatever you like) with your wine.

12 bottle              18” x 13.5” x 27” | 14 lbs. Unpacked
8 bottle                18” x 13” x 22” | 12 lbs. Unpacked
5 bottle                9.5" x 16" x 22.8" | 9.5 lbs. unpacked 

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