Six hundred feet above the Napa Valley floor in Napa’s southern-most appellation, our 123-acre estate boasts steep hillsides, rolling oak meadows, and rows of grapevines framed by mountain ranges on either side. This is our home. It is a spectacular place to view the world and an exceptional place to grow Bordeaux wine varieties. Our proximity to San Pablo Bay, and geographic situation in the bowl of an ancient volcanic caldera, give us the coolest ambient temperatures and longest growing season in Napa Valley. The volcanic soils, where our roots grow deep, impart distinctive minerality and undeniable character in our wines.

Caldwell Vineyard is a 123-acre vineyard estate with 62 acres planted to 27 different grapevine clone and varietal combinations, a significant portion of which is the original certified ENTAV-INRA clones from France. In addition to making 21 of our own wines, our vineyard has been the source for some of Napa’s most revered Cabernet for other wineries and winemakers, including Moone Tsai (Philippe Melka), Merus and Brion (Mark Herold), Pahlmeyer (Helen Turley), Patz and Hall, Joseph Phelps’s Insignia, Stéphane Derenoncourt and a heap of others.

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They say great wine starts in the vineyard – and that's the reason we've got our own full-time vineyard crew. Everything we make (other than our Smuggler Pinot Noir) is crafted from fruit grown in our own vineyard, which means we're a true estate. Every wine – white and red alike – is fermented and aged in 100% French oak barrels.

In between the scientific and operational decisions, there’s a lot of artistic interpretation, all of which is carefully guided by our winemaker, Marc Gagnon.

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There’s only one way to ensure you get the absolute best barrels… you’ve gotta make your own.

We’re the first winery in the U.S. with our own barrel cooperage and full-time Master Cooper (only 34 people in the entire world hold this title). Meet Ramiro Herrera and learn about the inspiration behind the Caldwell Cooperage

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With 65 acres under vine, we don't rely on part-time vineyard workers. We employ seven full-time vineyard guys. And over the course of a year, every vine is touched about eight or nine times – or more, if we end up grafting or dropping extra fruit or doing some other maintenance work during the season.

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