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Lehmann Champagne Glasses "Classic" 2-Pack Glass Set with Gift Box

Lehmann Champagne Glasses "Classic" 2-Pack Glass Set with Gift Box

We aren’t huge fans of the traditional Champagne flute (gasp…). They’re often too small to allow the wine to open up or to let you experience the aromatics, not to mention the bottom of most flutes aren’t made with dispersing bubbles in mind. Bottom line, using old school flutes means you’re not getting the full effect of great Champagne.

Enter Lehman crystal Champagne flutes. Made in four different styles to fit the type of wine and your mood, each set of two comes in a gorgeous red gift box.

Dudes A bigger, manlier style of flute, we love this glass for bigger and more powerful Cru’s.
Little Boobs The larger bowl on this glass is perfect for getting the most out of Brut, Rose and Crus.
Big Boobs The perfect glass for enjoying vintage or aged bubbles, its size and shape allows the wine to evolve, much like a decanter.

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