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Society of Smugglers Gold Flask

Society of Smugglers Gold Flask

A beautiful, etched flask plated in 14 karat gold that holds six ounces of your favorite liquid. (3.5" w x 4.75" h). This handsome flask is the perfect covert carrying option whether you need a nip of apple juice, whiskey, or whatever on your next adventure.

A Smuggler’s Tale About "Apple Juice". On a cold winter’s night in 1998, after Joy and I signed the agreement with the French government to legally import grapevine clones to the U.S., I figured it made sense to learn the language for business negotiations. So I headed down to Neims in the south of France to take an intensive French language course. Every night after class I’d go to the restaurant next door for dinner and couldn’t help but notice the locals coming in asking for a glass of apple juice – in English. Then I’d see the barkeep reach under the counter and produce a glass of golden liquid. It took some Smuggler-style snooping, but I finally figured out that it wasn’t apple juice they were asking for at all… it was whiskey.

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