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2019 Society of Smugglers Maverick

2019 Society of Smugglers Maverick

Smuggler. Maverick. Crazy-ass son-of-a-bitch…. They’re all names John Fucking

Caldwell will answer to, and they’re all names he has rightfully earned through

the risks he’s taken and the boundaries he’s pushed to bring Caldwell Vineyard to

the height of California winemaking. Each year we craft this wine as homage.

Made for drinking, this five-varietal black-and-blue-fruited blend is as complex

as the man himself. Larger than life, hedonistic and juicy, it’s also got a

buttoned-up business side showcased by superfine tannins that carry the myriad

of flavors through a multi-minute finish. It pairs as well with sophisticated wine

dinners as it does with covert backroom deals.

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