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I’m a vineyard man and this vineyard is my life’s work…

Caldwell Vineyard is 123 acres and, in addition to making 23 of our own wines (which we’re damn proud of), we’ve grown grapes for some other pretty heavy hitters over the years including: Moone Tsai (Philippe Melka), Merus and Brion (Mark Herold), Pahlmeyer (Helen Turley), Patz and Hall, Joseph Phelps’ Insignia, Stephane Derenoncourt and a heap of others.

Originally with 53 acres in 1982

Currently 123 acres, of which 65 acres are planted to grapes. 85% of the vines are Entav-Inra and Smuggled French Clones, and UC Davis certified California clones

Avg Vine Age
20 years

Average Yield
3 tons per acre

Grape Varietals
Cabernet Sauvignon 26.2 acres
Syrah 13 acres
Chardonnay 7.4 acres
Merlot 6.4 acres
Cabernet Franc 3.2 acres
Petit Verdot 1.5 acres
Sauvignon Blanc 1.5 acres
Tannat 1.1 acres
Carmenere .7 acre

[ 38° 17 N. Latitude, 122° 14 W. Longitude ]
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