Harvest Moon Speakeasy - Friday [Sold Out]

Our favorite event of the year is back, and its JFC’s 80th birthday!


$595.00 per person


4h 30min

About this experience

Hell yes. The Society of Smuggler’s Blue Moon Speakeasy is happening. 

It’s an extra special one this year, because it’s a Blue Harvest Moon… AND… it’s John Fucking Caldwell’s 80th birthday. We’ll be celebrating in true Caldwellian speakeasy fashion, underground and under the power of the harvest blue moon.

Guaranteed it’ll be an evening of bonafide bacchanalian delights, curated for intimate encounters, and pure palate pleasure. We’ll saber bottles of Joy Caldwell Champagne, drink more Caldwell wine and Wise Caldwell craft cocktails than most folks consider civilized.

We want to see more of you than the confines of the cave can handle, so you get to decide which night you join in - either Friday, September 1st or Saturday, September 2nd.

Things kick off both nights at 5:30pm and we’ll have you outta here by 10. Make sure to get your details sorted for a place to stay, and a way for someone sober to get you home. Jenna’s your contact for all that stuff.

Friday Night Sept 1

max 4 per smuggler