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2018 Maverick + The Viking
Sparkling Muscat

2018 Maverick + The Viking
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The story of how we came upon a load of muscat grapes is a tall tale for another time. The point of this story is what happens when you decide to experiment with something new and make something delicious. Enter Caldwell Sparking Muscat. Muscat is known for its floral, unctuous nectar, that can lean a bit too far to the sweet side for our liking. We happened upon a load of the stuff and figured we’d put our own sophisticated spin on things by adding a little fizz to the picture. That one-off experiment landed us an enticing and totally quaffable sparkling white wine with a generous mouthful of white flowers, kiwi and stone fruit that bounce along your palate atop happy little bubbles and a bright lift of acid. The finish is ever so slightly bitter, with ample back-palate tannins that help to keep it feeling grounded and very grown up. This could well be the only time you’ll see this wine at Caldwell and there’s only 88 cases to go around.