2015 CALDWELL Sauvignon Blanc

2015 CALDWELL Sauvignon Blanc
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Overall Impression

This is you sitting at a rum bar in Barbados with nothing but freshly squeezed fruit and endless blue dreams where sea meets sky.

No way. All this in a white wine… and a Napa Sauvignon Blanc to boot? Immensely generous on the nose and palate, it’s juicy with ripe tangerine flesh and hits of candied peels of kefir lime and kumquats. It rides the line between clean and ripe; sweet and mouthwatering, like an old fashioned lemon meringue pie. But that’s not all. A second and third sip will have you in a decidedly tropical mood with substantial notes of ripe pineapple, strawberry guava and an intoxicating honeyed lychee fruit finish.  

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