2013 Right Bank Red
Society of Smugglers

2013 Right Bank Red
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An intensely enjoyable drink that’s rich, dense, chewy, mouthwatering, complex, and absolutely flawless from the first sip to the last. This is one of the finest examples of what the Coombsville climate allows us to achieve with red wines in a great vintage. Absolutely pure fruit expression hangs in perfect balance with fine grained tannins, beautiful acidity and a texture of pure velvet. Describing the flavors in this wine would almost do it a disservice given all that’s going on.

This wine is an epiphany. Likened to the moment you’re sitting there, minding your own business when suddenly the purely intuitive, wander-lusting, animalistic and pleasure seeking version of you leaps forth in the form of a lucid day dream – and you find yourself surfing with dolphins in the warm waves of Bali, or gliding like a bird above the mountains of Peru. Elevated, free and full of joy.