2011 Pinot Noir
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2011 Pinot Noir
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There are a few vineyards that every winemaker in the state knows about and wants to make wine from. In the world of Pinot, Stu Bewley’s is one of these iconic locations, and the 2012 vintage is a shining example of why. Rich, layered flavors are balanced by sophisticated structural components, tipping it closer to Côte de Beaune than Carneros. Fine, dusty tannins and bright acids slowly resolve into flavors of dried strawberry, apple and vanilla, while a sweet cranberry and black licorice finish leaves you lusting after more. Just recently bottled this wine will continue to evolve very nicely over the next few years.

This is a beautiful and sophisticated woman who’s playing hard to get… Seemingly buttoned up there’s a free-spirited bohemian side aching to get out and play. She comes off somewhat stiff at first but softens a bit with a few understated compliments about her nose and structure. Slowly, a little gentle cupping with warm hands and some light oral exploration exposes the pure jouissance within.