Rocket Science

The Launch History

How did a wine project – outside the bounds of our expected Caldwell wine universe – come about?

Well, that depends who you ask…

John smiling holding a grape vine black and white
His-Story, by John Caldwell

Back in 2002, John was in the kitchen one night making dinner. He was standing at the stove and stirring the pasta sauce when I walked in with groceries, and before I could even set them down, he blurts out “Honey, you know how you always hear these winemakers saying it’s not rocket science to make great wine…. Well how ‘bout that new wine we’re making, maybe we should call it Rocket Science or Rocket Juice?

Joy smiling black and white
Her-Story, by Joy Caldwell

I said… “It can’t be Rocket Juice, it has to be Rocket Science.” It was an immediate connection and a no brainer because my dad was a real-flife Rocket Scientist. My dad, Robert Herzog had two degrees from California Technical Institute and spent most of his career working in the aeronautics lab and the ballistic missile division for TRW Defense and Space Systems Group.


Space Sips

Mingle and taste wine with the greatest science minds of our time.

Rocket Blasting of into space colored

Virtual Wine Tasting with the who’s who in space Exploration.

Join Astronaut Kathy Sullivan and Vintner John Caldwell

Kathy Sullivan is a superstar, space traveler. Not only does she hold the incredible distinction of being the first woman in space, she’s also an original fan of Rocket Science wine, and is the person who introduced Caldwell to the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. It’s been 10 years since that introduction, and we’re still thrilled to be part of promoting great minds in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Join us as we continue that quest.


Join Kathy and John for a Virtual Wine Tasting
Friday May 20th at 7pm (PST).

Must be 21 or older to participate. Limited to 30 screens.


WINEstein Member Ticket: $50

Non-Member Ticket: $175

All ticket options include admission to the Virtual Wine Tasting and your preferred drinking option. Shipping included.

*Order by Friday, April 29th to ensure on time delivery

Space walk close up with Earth in visor copy
Space satellite

Virtual wine tastings with the who’s who in space exploration. This is a past event. New events are coming soon. Join us.

JOIN US for a Virtual Rocket Science Wine Tasting, and get up close and personal with vintner John Caldwell and astronaut Dan Bursch… whose stories of four space flights and seven spacewalks will ensure some stellar conversation.


WINEstein Member Ticket: $50

With astronaut Dan Bursch & vintner John Caldwell                                                Sunday, November 8 at 7pm 2020 EST | 4pm PST                                                            A Good Cause: All proceeds support STEM Education through ASF


Non-Member Ticket: $150

Tickets include sponsoring the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation ($100 donation), admission to the virtual tasting, and a bottle of Rocket Science Proprietary Red (shipping and taxes not included).

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Giving Back

Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF)

Mingle and taste wine with the greatest science minds of our time.

Spacewalk Big Picture With Hubble and Earth scaled colored

In support of STEM innovation and education,
we’ve partnered with the Astronaut Scholarship
Foundation. Established by the original Mercury
Astronauts in 1984, the Astronaut Scholarship
Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated
to helping the United States retain its world
leadership in science and technology by providing
scholarships to college students who exhibit
motivation, imagination and exceptional
performance in the fields of science and
engineering. ASF is a 501C3 non-profit so all
contributions are tax deductible. Read more.

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