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Members of the Society receive a guaranteed allocation of Rocket Science Proprietary Red twice per year and other out of this world perks. Stake your flag in our newest proprietary White wine by requesting to swap a bottle or two in for your reds. 

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Benefits of Belonging

  • Shipments of Rocket Science by Caldwell twice per year
  • Intelligence Briefs to keep you up on exciting news in technology, space exploration, art, science and wine
  • Invitation to our WinEsteins-only annual stargazing and campfire event during the Perseid Meteor Showers in August
  • Be a judge and help us select the finalists for the annual Rocket Science Back Label Contest
  • The chance to win tickets to the California Academy of Sciences’ Big Bang party
  • Complimentary tastings for 2 in the Caldwell Cave
  • First rights to our limited glow-in-the-dark Rocket Science magnums


Rocket Science Intelligence Briefs are where we collect the day’s most exciting specimens of science news and culture for the betterment of all mankind. Our objective: to expand and inspire the mind in infinite directions and dimensions, and support a culture of curiosity about technology, science, and doing the impossible. In a world of rules and regulations, equations and singular solutions, cannot and impossibilities, there exists the outlier. Say hello to the what if, the believer, the against-all-odds achiever.

Now begins the sharing.

One of our biggest inspirations is Carl Sagan, who was faced with the challenge of how to convey what Earth is to other life forms (as in extraterrestrials) back in 1977. NASA wanted him to compile an interstellar time capsule that could be dispatched into space aboard the Voyager. Sagan chose a record format so that sounds could be shared, along with information and images. Among the 115 photos of our planet that he selected were images of a nursing mother, DNA structure, people eating and drinking, an eagle in flight, elephants in Thailand, and (thrillingly for a Bostonian) the Charles River. There were salutations in 55 languages from Aramaic to Urdu (plus one from humpback whales), as well as the sounds of earth – kissing, rain, laughter, heartbeats – and a 90-minute cross section of music ranging from Stravinsky to Senegalese percussion to Louis B. Armstrong. What Sagan chose for the record recounted a beautiful story of Earth, not just for the unknown and future forms of life who might – by some incredible cosmic happenstance – someday find it, but also for humans themselves. Sagan called his piece “Murmurs of Earth.” You can see the images and music here on youtube.

We like to think of what we're doing here as our own record, a capsule of ideas that we too are thrusting out into the universe, hopefully to be appreciated both in our time, and ones to follow. 

For Intelligence Briefs’ inaugural launch, we’re looking at the human experience in space. Is sex in space as heavenly as we think? How does a hedonist sit down to a feast in zero gravity? Can space-grown grapevines boost wine quality to celestial levels? 

Like all good WinEsteins, we're all about sharing and collaboration. If you've got something you think is inspiring, send it our way.



We’re teaming up with the Napa Valley Film Festival to pull off an epic summer stargazing and movie night Saturday, August 19, 2017, which is the last weekend of the Perseid Meteor Shower. All members (and future members) of the Rocket Science Society of WinEsteins are invited.

Enjoy a NVFF-selected sci-fi film screening in the cave at 5:30 or 7:30, with fresh-popped popcorn, Rocket Science wine, and succulent Woodhouse Barbecue to fuel you. Once the stars come out, point your viewing equipment skyward to check out the show, and harness the power of our firepit to make s’mores with astronaut Dan Bursch. Dan has logged the most time in space of anybody on Earth and he’s got a few tales to share.

Bring your telescopes (we’ll have a big one there) and flashlights for sure. It’s going to be dark… practically a new moon... so the view upstairs should be pretty damn great.

You’ll need a wingman or wingwoman because we’re selling tickets in pairs.

Each couple’s ticket includes astronaut-guided stargazing, dinner & a movie for two, plus a bottle of Rocket Science to expand your mind. If you want the red Rocket, it’s $195/couple; white is $175. (We’ll have more wine for sale that night, of course, if you want to refuel) You’ll also get a discount code for $50 off a 2017 Napa Valley Film Festival Pass.

Connect: 707.255.1294
Click: rocketscience@caldwellvineyard or
Or, come in for a tasting and we’ll sign you up.


Every year we offer you the chance to get published on a 750mL bottle of Rocket Science. Submit as many entries as you’d like - from the creative to the academic to the totally out there, anything goes in 80 words or less. Finalists receive 6 bottles of Rocket Science with their winning label, and bragging rights as an honorary rocket scientist… at least in our eyes. Here’s our first winner from 2005 to get the juices flowing:

He walked into the room and she was standing in the corner waiting for him. Tall and sleek, she was fueled and ready to go. He could feel her power, tethered, straining not to explode, counting down. Just wait... t minus fifty and holding.... When it came, her kiss had an escape velocity that sent his heart into orbit. He asked her name. “Saturn,” she said. “Saturn Five.” She blinded him with science, Rocket Science.
We have ignition!

Submit your inspired entry below. Terms and conditions apply.



Disclaimer: Any writings, diagrams, photos, drawings and any other content or information you send in to us as an entry in this contest (we’ll call all of these things “submissions” to save time) becomes our property, and we’ll have the right to use, copy, edit, publish, display, prepare derivative works of, and generally do whatever we want with your submissions, in every form and context, without having to ask your permission or pay you. This includes using your submissions to help sell our products and/or business. We have no obligation to preserve, return, or otherwise make available your submissions to you or anyone else.

By entering submissions in our contest, you’re representing that your submissions do not infringe any copyright, trademark, property rights, rights of privacy or publicity of any person, or any other right of any third party, and that you have the full and unrestricted right to transfer the submissions to us free and clear of anyone else’s claims.

Count Down Container


The Big Bang: In our case, it was Big Bang Communications, a company we hired in 2002 to write the back label story for Rocket Science, our new Proprietary Red wine project. The stories were great – entertaining and just enough over your head to make you think. Over the next few years the excitement for the wine and the stories took on a life of their own, and everyone from rocket scientists to us more Earthbound types came into the fold wanting to share in the fun. Then in 2006, an aeronautical engineer named Eric Beaser paid us a visit, and inspiration was born.

Did you know it takes 1.5 million cases of Rocket Science wine to lift a one-ton payload into low Earth orbit? Neither did we... until Eric came for a tasting at the winery and got so fired up about our Rocket Science wine that he spent 20 hours in the lab modeling simulated rocket launches on a multimillion-dollar CRAY supercomputer to find out. As he put it, “I know it's dorky, but I was inspired to do it for fun.” It got us thinking... maybe there’s more of you WinEstein types out there with an excess of creativity and knowledge to share. This was the catalyst for launching the first Rocket Science back label contest... and now, The Society of WinEsteins Intelligence Briefs.

Robert Herzog - Joy’s Father

Eric Beaser - Aeronautical Engineer


Rocket Science is a wine that rethinks what’s possible. The name salutes co-founder Joy Caldwell’s father, a man who went from mechanical to aerospace engineering, and from test pilot to candidate for the original moon landing. His fearless pursuit of his dreams instilled in Joy the drive to take on the impossible. Our wine’s Mission is to honor that spirit of adventure and boundless curiosity and share the incredible things humans are dreaming, inventing, and building every day… because the search for knowledge is cause for celebration, and that celebration needs wine.