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Thanks so much for reaching out to us with your donation request. We’re always flattered and wish that we could accommodate each and every need, but unfortunately, it just isn’t possible.

Although we’re not able to extend a direct donation for your organization this year, we’ve partnered up with a company called Winspire to put together an exclusive package ─ including a full-day, insider’s tour of Caldwell and two other wineries as well as a three-night stay at our guest house in Napa Valley. This item can be used in your event on a no-risk basis, meaning that your organization has no cost unless you are successful auctioning off the item. The details of the entire package can be found here. We’ve found that our friends, customers and colleagues are able to raise much.

We hope you’ll be bidding on the package at your auction because we’d love to see you out here!



Giving Back
Caldwell is pleased to donate to the following causes to promote education and the hard sciences:

Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

CalTech (California Institute of Technology)

Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation

New Space Frontier

San Francisco Academy of Sciences