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Drivers & Friends


You’re going to have an amazing time in Napa Valley and we couldn’t be happier you’ve chosen to come see us.

As you continue to explore the valley we like to recommend you consider hiring a driver so you can drink wine and be safe on the roads without any worries.

We work with and recommend any of the following companies:

Eclectic Tours
David & Rhoni Rasmussen
707.738.6318 www.eclectictour.com

Magnum Tours
Jim Dolen

Beau Wine Tours
Georgia Buck

Napa Valley Tours
Barry Smith

If you find yourself looking for another great stop and want to duck into Sonoma, we recommend you plan a visit to B Wise Vineyards. Owned by Brion and Ronda Wise (our friends and business partners), the wines are made by Mark Herold (Merus) and Massimo Monticelli (Silver Oak) and are absolutely worth the trip. They have a cave tasting as well, you can talk with your driver about scheduling a trip up to their estate winery (by appointment and with a driver only).

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