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John Caldwell,
Vintner. Smuggler. Legend.

Caldwell is about love and family (you can taste it in our wines). But around here, it’s a little bit about mischief too…
He’s known by many names but here in legendary Napa Valley, he’s a legend all his own. The original wine industry maverick, John is the man responsible for introducing the most prized Bordeaux root stock and grapevine clones to California. Now considered the industry standard in U.S. vineyards, John worked with the French government to create and license the Entav-Inra clones for all of North America.
Through this larger-than-life odyssey, John has helped to revolutionize the foundation of modern winemaking in the United States. John planted the Caldwell vineyard in 1982. Since then, he’s sold grapes to some pretty heavy hitters over the years including: Moone Tsai (Philippe Melka), Merus and Brion (Mark Herold), Pahlmeyer (Helen Turley), Patz and Hall, Joseph Phelps’ Insignia, Stephane Derenoncourt and a heap of others.
When their first son was born, they decided they wanted to make a wine of their own to represent the best of what the vineyard had to offer. Working with Philippe Melka, they released the first vintage of 1998 Caldwell “Silver” Proprietary Red wine. Today, alongside his wife Joy and winemaker Marbue Marke, they produce over 23 wines for the Caldwell Signature Collection, Varietal Collection, Rocket Science and the Society of Smugglers.

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