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Marbue Marke,
Winemaker. Artist. Individualist.

In a world of lock���step wines, Marbue goes his own way. Originally from Sierra Leone, his name alone elicits something unique and out of the ordinary. Both he and his wines are just that.

Marbue Marke is one of the most talented winemakers I’ve ever worked with… he brings a talent and a passion that tends toward the extraordinary in everything he does.
– John Caldwell.

Deep inside our 22,000 square foot cave, surrounded by the earth in which the grapes are grown, Marbue makes thoughtful and artistic interpretations of this vineyard into wine. “I know what I want and what I’m looking for in any given wine,” Marbue says. “I’m not chasing a trend or a number. The grape has a voice, and my job is to hear what its saying and to amplify it for everyone to hear and enjoy."

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